Here is the library of DAEMON official documentation where you can find flyers, press releases, etc.  For deliverables or publications foward to their respective sections.


(19/01/2023) DAEMON: Machine learning-based resource orchestration in beyond-5G networks by D. De Vleeschauwer at ICT-52 Workshop on 6G:

(19/01/2023) DAEMON: A network intelligence plane for 6G networks by M. Gramaglia at ICT-52 Workshop on 6G:

(30/09/2022) NGN Webinar 2022 by Telefónica I+D:

(28/09/2022) Workshop on 6G KPIs and how to measure them by IMDEA Networks Institute:

(02/04/2022)  DAEMON: Learning to Predict for Automated Network Management by IMDEA Networks Institute and UC3M:

(02/03/2022) DAEMON Webinar: Reliable RAN Virtualization in Shared Platforms by NEC/UC3M/IMDEA:

(02/03/2022) DAEMON Webinar: Energy-aware Orchestration of Virtualized RANs: Experiments and Algorithms by TU Delft:

(19/01/2022) DAEMON Webinar: RAN Virtualization by NEC.

(20/12/2021) DAEMON Webinar: Network Intelligence Beyond 5G by NEC.

(16/12/2021) Nuberu: Reliable RAN Virtualization by NEC.

(16/03/2021) 5G-PPP Webinar: Europe accelerates towards 6G by Networks Institute and NEC:

(20/02/2021) 5G-PPP Webinar: Software Network WG by NBL:

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