Here is the library of DAEMON official documentation where you can find flyers, press releases, etc.  For deliverables or publications foward to their respective sections.

Press Releases:

(21/07/2023) DAEMON: Natively integrating Network Intelligence in 6G mobile networks by Marco Fiore (IMDEA):

(17/11/2022) Laying the groundwork for Beyond 5G success by Marco Fiore and A.García-Saavedra (IMDEA, NEC):

(03/11/2022) Advancing the integration of Artificial Intelligence to improve the efficiency and sustainability of mobile network ar3chitectures by Marco Fiore (IMDEA)

(20/12/2021) Albert Banchs (UC3M/IMDEA) talks about the new 6G and network intelligence in ‘El 6G da el pistoletazo de salida a la próxima carrera geopolítica’ (en español):

(07/08/2021) Albert Banchs (UC3M/IMDEA) talks about the present and future of 5G in ‘La Aventura del Saber’ (en español):

(30/03/2021) Building Beyond 5G systems with NEC technology for next-generation mobile services by NEC:

(01/04/2021DAEMON: Network intelligence for aDAptive and sElf-Learning MObile Networks by A. Kostopoulos and I. Chocliouros (OTE):

(10/03/2021) DAEMON, a project investigates how to improve 6G network intelligence technology by M. Gramaglia (UC3M):

En español:

(03/03/2021) Eyes Greater Network Intelligence in 6G System, “A technical interview” from @rszporer to our H2020 Project Coordinator Marc0 Fi0re (IMDEA):

(25/02/2021) DAEMON: Network Intelligence Beyond 5G by B. McAuliffe and P. Sutton (SRS):

(13/02/2021) DAEMON, Beyond 5G with (Network) Intelligence by M. Fiore (IMDEA):

En español:

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