Here is the library of DAEMON official documentation where you can find flyers, press releases, etc.  For deliverables or publications foward to their respective sections.

Oral Communications:

(06/69/2023) The 6G workshop series by Hexa-X by Andres Garcia-Saavedra (NEC):

(23/05/2023) Self-organizing, self-managing (ai-driven) autonomous 6g networks by Miguel Camelo (IMEC):

(08/12/2022) The 6G Architecture Landscape European perspective by M.Gramaglia (UC3M) at 6G Arch Workshop at Globecomm:

(19/09/2022) WiOpt’22 by Andra Lutu (Telefónica I+D+I):

(29/08/2022) DAEMON Presentation at XAISS eXplainable AI Summer School 2022 2022 by Livia Elena (IMDEA):

(29/03/2022) Applied Machine Learning Days – AI & Telco by Telefónica I+D:

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